Brett Peary
Brett Peary

Brett Peary

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I'm a product designer & frontend developer hybrid based in Tokyo. 🗼
I help companies take concepts from design to code with modern web development approaches.
UX/UI Agile/Scrum design process
Design System creation and management
Coding Frontend React components and layouts to connect with development teams
Train teams & developers on how to improve their design processes & UI design-related development skills
My mission is to bridge the gap between design & development teams to create beautiful, modern web & mobile experiences that users find enjoyable to use. 🎯
I’ve been in Japan for over 20 years, speak Japanese fluently, and work with Japanese development teams. 🙇‍♂️ I have over 10 years design and development experience.
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🛠 Skills & tools

🎨 Design


UX/UI design process - empathize with users, target pain points, ideate on solutions, create wireframes & prototypes to test and iterate on designs & integrate design processes with Agile/Scrum development pipelines
UX research - planning research studies, conducting interviews & usability studies & synthesizing research results
Design systems creation & maintenance - audit experiences and identify patterns, create reusable components based on best practices & document usage guidelines
Design Thinking-driven development - conduct workshops, such as Google Design Sprints & Lightning Decisions Jams, to make evidence-based design decisions
Prototype creation & iteration - create modern, responsive web & mobile prototype from design flows with animation transitions & micro-interactions
Identity creation & branding - use Design Thinking-based techniques to help teams find a visual identity, as well as branding that speaks to sophisticated target users
Animation, Illustration & micro-interactions


Figma, Miro, paper & pens

⚛️ Development


I, generally, bring designs into code and components, and work with teams that handle the implementation in the applications, but I am flexible enough to execute on implementation or other aspects of frontend development.


React. Svelte
Frontend frameworks - next.js, SvelteKit, Gatsby
UI frameworks - React Material Web Components, Material UI, Ionic
Atomic Design

✨ Soft skills

clear communication & effective collaboration
Project management
Deep knowledge of web and mobile user patterns and UI framework libraries

❤️ Interests


👩🏻‍💻 Work experience

Design-developer Strategist

RICOH Co., Ltd., Tokyo – (2019/7 - present)

Independent contractor, web developer & designer, Kyoto & Tokyo – (2013/3 - present)
Project list:
Visuals can be seen on Previous works and on

🏗️ Select projects


📜 Related activities, small projects & writings

React Material Web Components contributor
Svelte Ionic contributor
Interpreted for Figma Meetup at Abema Towers - 2019/12/2
Created Free Worker Wednesday meetup
Led Scrum training course at RGA - 2019/7

📣 Testimonials

Jonathan Sleeuw - Director of Engineering, Option Research

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brett both as a friend and a collaborator for well on ten years now. I’ve seen him put his ambition and his great thirst for knowledge to great use on many collaborations, and his enthusiastic approach always brings out the best from those around him. I would highly recommend Brett for anyone looking to up their design capabilities and to confidently pursue their organizational goals.

Sacha Greif - Creator, The State of JS

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In the past few years, I've seen Brett go from being a graphic designer, to learning web design, taking on project management roles, and becoming an accomplished front-end developer. I'm always impressed at his ability to learn and adapt!

Ema Tanaka - CEO, Travelr

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Brett isn’t a typical designer who just makes “pretty things”. Not only is he knowledgeable in design and development, but he also has a startup mentality and helped me to stay focused on the core value of the product, define the scope/objectives of the MVP, and understand how to do things “agile”. He is the most dedicated designer I’ve known. He cares about your service as if it were his own baby.

Christian Moen - CEO, Atilika

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Brett is an experienced and passionate designer with a keen eye for detail. He's great at reaching out to users and he knows a lot about development processes as well, and brings a lot of value to any team. He's also incredibly fun to work with.

Peter Payne - CEO, J-List

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When J-List needed to rebuild its website and its brand from the ground up, we turned to Brett, and couldn't have been happier with the results. His knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks like nothing I've ever seen, and he always brings satisfying results.

🗣 Languages

Japanese 🇯🇵

Highly fluent, near native

📚 Education

Kyoto University - Master's Degree

The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, International Program in Environmental Management
Citation by The United Nations 2015 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction

The Evergreen State College - Bachelor's Degree

Focus in Japanese aesthetics, ceramics, traditional crafts, and language

☎️ Contact info

👨‍💻 Github: @b-d-m-p
🐦 Twitter: @brettpeary